Zikula CMS
Symfony Framework




Simple websites and complex applications with Zikula

Zikula is Free Open Source Software (FOSS). It allows you to build simple one-page websites to individual web applications utilising different types of extensions for making your project to something special.

For this you can extend Zikula's functionality with modules and realise a custom look using themes.

It's time to consider Zikula!


Solid and future-proof foundation

  • Zikula uses well-maintained and high-quality components
    • Symfony 3 framework which provides stability, continuity and extensibility
    • Doctrine and Doctrine extensions for persisting data
    • Twig as template engine
    • SwiftMailer for email handling
    • Modern frontend technologies (Bootstrap, Font Awesome, jQuery)
  • provides upgrade path also across major versions

High quality ecosystem feasible

  • Model-driven development tool available (”ModuleStudio”)
  • Automatical generation of Zikula modules
  • Significant increasement of development productivity
  • Centralised maintenance as well as quick and simple updating
  • Consistent quality in extensions by ensuring architectural compliance
  • Read more at the project's website



Helpful administration capabilities

  • Zikula contains all Symfony features
  • Additional extensibility through Zikula module system
  • Theme engine for easy layouting using Twig
  • Modules and themes can be managed on-site
  • Centralised site administration interface
  • User and groups management with powerful permission system
  • On-site configuration of various settings

Advanced integration for extensions

  • Flexible hook system connects module features
  • Dynamic content block creation and arrangement
  • Centralised mangement for menus and categories
  • Site-wide search functionality
  • Multi-language system (internationalisation) and content translation
  • Exchangeable authentication (e.g. LDAP), OAuth included (Facebook, Google, GitHub, LinkedIn, ...)

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