Zikula Core 3.0.0 Release Candidate 1 ready for testing!

June 10, 2020


The core development team is proud to announce the pre-release Zikula Core 3.0.0 Release Candidate 1. Please help testing and report bugs!

Zikula Core 3.0.0-RC1 is available as of today, 10 June, 2020.

Immediate testing is encouraged. Release testing guidelines may be found in the docs.
At the same site installation and upgrade documentation can be found, too.

Our Quality Assurance cycle, explained also in the release management docs,
will be followed in order to achieve our General Release. Please register your vote on the promotion of this build in the promotion ticket.

Please report all bugs and concerns to our issue tracker on Github. Please
understand that bugs will not necessarily halt the release of this build. Bugs may be fixed or postponed to another release.

Most important changes

  • Foundation
    • Requires at least PHP 7.2.5; uses scalar type hints.
    • Technology updates: Symfony 5.1, Twig 3, Bootstrap 4 including Bootswatch styles, Font Awesome 5.
    • Utilise autowiring and autoconfiguring functionality from Symfony.
    • Using utf8mb4 charset on MySQL platforms for real utf8 support.
  • Extension handling
    • In general, 'module' and 'theme' are now generically referred to as 'extensions'.
    • Extensions module automatically contributes admin menu item to display Markdown docs for other extensions. Help UI can be configured to use either a modal window or a fixed sidebar.
    • Added "Connections" menu to ExtensionsMenu so extensions can add menu children to other connected extension's admin UI.
  • Administration
    • Added ability to choose a Font Awesome icon for admin categories, categories and extensions.
    • Added support for creating and changing translations on-site using "Edit in Place" and/or a WebUI.
    • Added new fields for optional comments and colours to permission rules.
    • Start page can now be defined much easier (a dropdown allows to choose a route/controller combination).
    • Start page can now be configured for each available language.
    • Added CLI Commands to manage extension installation, upgrade and uninstall and sync.
    • Added CLI Command to import users.
    • Added CLI Command to delete any number of users.
    • Added CLI Command to edit password, email, username properties of ZAuth user mappings (a replacement for the old Zikula Recovery Console).
  • Allow users to delete themselves (with admin setting).
  • Password handling
    • Passwords in the ZAuth module are now always hashed with the the most up-to-date algorithm available (via Symfony security component) and automatically updated on login.
    • Passwords can optionally be validated with Symfony's NonCompromisedPassword validator.
    • A new password strength meter is implemented.
    • Added a simple password generator in all places where a new password might be needed.
    • Added ability to force a group of users to change their password on next login.
  • Developers
    • Added twig-inspector for easy debugging of Twig templates.
    • Introduced a 'site definition' concept.
      • Adds means for site-wide branding.
      • Adds the ability to create dynamic site properties (e.g. titles, meta descriptions etc.).
    • Blocks can now specify default property defaults used for custom form fields.
    • Added @PermissionCheck annotation for use in Controllers.
    • Added UserCreationApi to assist with the manual creation of ZAuth-method users.
    • Moved calling adminHeader() and adminFooter() into theme layer.
    • Added CLI Command to create any number of users for testing purposes.
    • Added CLI command to generate an Extension skeleton with instruction on using Symfony MakerBundle to complete development.
    • Added new Doctrine Paginator wrapper and paginator template.
    • Added new AlphaFilter class and template.