Zikula Core 3.0.1 released!

July 25, 2020


The core development team is proud to announce the availabilty of Zikula Core 3.0.1.

Zikula Core 3.0.1 is available as of today, 25 July, 2020.

The following bugfixes have been included:

  • [CoreBundle] Fix broken autoloader recognition of additional extensions for distribution-based installations.
  • [CoreBundle] Fix wrong generated directory name (docs instead of doc) in ExtensionMaker.
  • [CoreBundle] Fix wrong path to possible routes.php file in the Kernel class.
  • [CoreBundle] Update maker (make:zikula-extension) to discourage use of Zikula as vendor (#4382).
  • [CoreInstallerBundle] Fix invalid access to obsolete parameter when upgrading from 3.0 to a newer version.
  • [CoreInstallerBundle] Fix invalid reset of start controller settings when upgrading from 3.0 to a newer version.
  • [CoreInstallerBundle] Fix wrong link to upgrade docs in the upgrader (#4364).
  • [CoreInstallerBundle] Fix upgrade procedure (#4406).
  • [CoreInstallerBundle] Remove blocks with properties that cannot be unserialized on upgrade.
  • [CoreInstallerBundle] Remove legacy modvars beginning with 'systemplugin'.
  • [FormExtensionBundle] Fix textarea width problem (#4421).
  • [HookBundle] Add missing argument for assigning object ID to FormAwareHook constructor.
  • [HookBundle] Avoid JS error when editing hook provider which is not a subscriber, too.
  • [Admin] Fix error when extension is not categorized.
  • [Blocks] Include jQuery-UI in the block position editing template (#4400).
  • [Blocks] Fixed orphan properties removal for blocks that do not use any properties.
  • [Extensions] Fix outputting invalid html in modulelinks navbar (e.g. <li icon="foo-bar"...).
  • [Extensions] Fix too strict requirement of URL field for theme extensions (#4353).
  • [Extensions] Fix wrong translator usage in abstract content type.
  • [Extensions] Improve behaviour of VariableApi when system is not installed yet (#4360).
  • [Extensions] Improve responsive design of the extensions list.
  • [HookBundle] Fix reordering assigned hook provider areas for a hook subscriber area.
  • [Mailer] Improved help texts for mailer configuration (#4356).
  • [Routes] Fix behavior of prependBundlePrefix in Routes (#4381).
  • [Routes] Fix sanitizing logic for routes editing (#4380).
  • [Routes] Fix exception when editing routes with allowed but unset specific creation date (#4380).
  • [Routes] Fix broken support for key value pairs for editing custom route parameter settings (defaults, requirements, options).
  • [SecurityCenter] Fixed config setup problem defining the cache.
  • [Theme] Fix wrong modvar name when setting theme.
  • [Theme] Install extension assets on installation and upgrade (#4367).
  • [Theme] Throw more descriptive exception when non-zasset asset is not found (#4366).
  • [ZAuth] Allow creating and changing user mappings without setting a password (#4395).