GitHub Discussions

We have closed our own forum in favor of GitHub Discussions. Feel free to place your question there.


You can also get direct support in our Slack channels. If you do not have an account yet, join here.


Ways to contribute

Open source projects are driven by their community. Everybody is invited to participate in making Zikula successful. The following list shows how you can help the project:

  • Use Zikula and it's extensions.
  • Test new versions and development builds.
  • Report bugs and feature requests at issue tracker of the core or the GitHub project of the corresponding extension.
  • Support other users by answering questions in Slack or GitHub discussions.
  • Docs: help with extending and improving the documentation.
  • Translate: create or enhance locales for your language.
  • Develop: help solving issues of the core and/or extensions. Write and publish additional extensions if needed.
  • Show your projects.
  • Publish: write articles and tutorials, create videos, share the project, spread the word.
  • Donate: financial support for the association (contact us).

Commercial support

In case you need a professional service provider for your project please contact the association. We will then try to find a suitable partner for you within the community.